About Us

Spice Up Your World

Our Background:

The idea for Spice Way came from a trip to Israel with my bestie Karen where we discovered an incredible brand called Spicy Way which transformed the way we cooked, enabling us to add flavour and colour to our simple dishes. We realised straight away that this product range was missing in the UK.

Our dream is for simple healthy cooking to become the norm throughout the country, and for Spice Way to become a household name and a kitchen essential.

Since then we have established the brand online and in specialist stores, and our crowning glory was the opening of our own Spice Way store in Radlett.  In January 2018 Karen moved abroad but Spice Way is very much on the front foot and Adam has now joined the team.

We have a broad Gift Section and are happy to create your own personal gift for you, simply give us a call to discuss.  Among our extensive range of gifts are baskets, platters and teapots, which can be combined with products from any of our ranges: Spice Blends, Fast Gourmet, Cook Clever, Fr’cinni and Granola See the Gift  Section within our Product Categories to see examples.

To date, we have been successful in winning 9 Great Taste Awards in the Great Taste Competition, and in 2013 we were delighted to be awarded the highest and most coveted rating for our 3* Opulent Orange Chilli from the Fr’cinni Fruit Infusion range.

  • 2010 Posh Pomelo & Melon Fr’cinni Fruit and Classic Chinese Fast Gourmet
  • 2011 Magic Majadra Indian Fast Gourmet
  • 2012 Zesty Citrus Fr’cinni Fruit
  • 2013 Opulent Orange & Chilli Fr’cinni Fruit 3*
  • 2014 Amazing Apple Fr’cinni Fruit
  • 2014 Heavenly Herbs Spice Blend
  • 2015 Princely Persian Fast Gourmet
  • 2016 Galilee Fr’cinni Health

Our Brand:

The Roots of Spicy Way

Spicy Way, owned and managed by Avi Zithershpieler, has a rich family history in the world of herbs and spices.  The family farm, located in Beit Lehem HaGlilit in northern Israel, has been growing herbs and spices for more than fifty years.  Zithershpieler inherited his passion for agriculture and natural values from his late father, one of the pioneers in the field, who taught his son all the secrets of the herbal business.  He has been working in growing, preserving and marketing herbs and spices all his life.

Spicy Way believes in the power of herbs and spices to improve quality of life.  Combining hundreds of years of knowledge with modern day know-how, Spicy Way’s vision is to spread the word about using herbs and spices to enhance health and well-being. 

Innovation through Ongoing Product Development

Spicy Way has developed numerous products which not only enhance the flavour of food, but also have health-giving and curative properties.  The secret of Spicy Way’s success lies in their wide range of original blends.  Years of experience and ongoing development go into developing these creative blends of herbs and spices.  The completely natural, vegetarian, farm fresh products do not have any preservatives.

Healthy Cooking Made Simple

Spice Blends: make cooking into a creative adventure

The right blend of herbs and spices makes a difference to the simplest meal. In minutes, an ordinary dish can be transformed into an extraordinary one – tempting, appetising food that tastes as good as it looks. Use these delicious and healthy blends to enhance the flavour of your dishes and maintain your health.

Fast Gourmet: fast and delicious meals at your fingertips

The Fast Gourmet turns every meal into a culinary adventure. Add Spice Way Gourmet mixtures to your cooking and create enticing and delicious gourmet foods in minutes. The unique and aromatic blends for rice, pasta, couscous and anything you wish are quick and easy to prepare. Experiment and create exciting new recipes which are fun to share with family and friends.

Fr’cinni Fruit Infusions: infuse your life with health

These natural Fruit Infusions are made up of dried fruits. herbs and spices. The secret lies in the brewing process, softening the fruits and transforming them into delicate compotes which are filled with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and more. Good for body and soul, these aromatic and delicious fruit infusions are delightful to drink as a beverage and eat as a treat.

Fr’cinni Health Infusions: infuse your life with health

Medicinal plants have been used since the dawn of time to treat a variety of illnesses and medicinal problems.  Over the years the old-fashioned remedies our grandmothers used have received scientific recognition, and are now considered a good way to improve our health and wellbeing.  Today medicinal plant supplements are becoming a more important part of our lives.  All Spice Way’s medicinal plants are natural substances and their most obvious advantage, in comparison with conventional medicines, is having far fewer side effects.

Cook Clever: a kitchen secret

Cook Clever is our trade secret shared with you. You will be able to add the finishing touches to your dishes: sparkle up your salads, add passion to your potatoes, roasts, vegetables and so much more. Tantalise your taste buds….watch out for new lines within this exciting range.

Granola: like you’ve never tasted before

Currently we have two amazing Granolas: Picasso and Chagall – works of art!! Simply add a few tablespoons onto your yogurt and enjoy.