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Spicy Way believes in the power of herbs and spices to improve quality of life.  Combining hundreds of years of knowledge with modern day know how, Spicy Way's vision is to spread the word about using herbs and spices to enhance health and well being. 

The Roots of Spicy Way

Spicy Way, owned and managed by Avi Zithershpieler, has a rich family history in the world of herbs and spices.  The family farm, located in Beit Lehem HaGlilit in northern Israel has been growing herbs and spices for more than fifty years.  Zithershpieler, inherited his passion for agriculture and natural values from his late father, one of the pioneers in the field, who taught his son all the secrets of the herbal business.  He has been working in growing, preserving and marketing herbs and spices all his life.

Innovation Through Ongoing Product Development

Spicy Way is constantly adding new and innovative products to its extensive line, tailoring products to meet different cultural tastes and traditions.  They have developed numerous products which not only enhance the flavour of food, but also have health-giving and curative properties.  The secret of Spicy Way's success lies in their wide range of original blends.  Years of experience and ongoing development go into developing these creative blends of herbs and spices.  The completely natural, vegetarian, farm fresh products do not have any preservatives.

Healthy Cooking Made Simple

Spice Blends: make cooking into a creative adventure

The right blend of herbs and spices makes a difference to the simplest meal. In minutes, an ordinary dish can be transformed into an extraordinary one - tempting, appetising food that tastes as good as it looks. Use these delicious and healthy blends to enhance the flavour of your dishes and maintain your health.

Fast Gourmet : fast and delicious meals at your fingertips

The Fast Gourmet turns every meal into a culinary adventure. Add Spice Way Gourmet mixtures to your cooking and create enticing and delicious gourmet foods in minutes. The unique and aromatic blends for rice, pasta, couscous and anything you wish are quick and easy to prepare. Experiment and create exciting new recipes which are fun to share with family and friends.

Fr'cinni Fruit Infusions : infuse your life with health

These natural Fruit Infusions are made up of dried fruits. herbs and spices. The secret lies in the brewing process, softening the fruits and transforming them into delicate compotes which are filled with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and more. Good for body and soul, these aromatic and delicious fruit infusions are delightful to drink as a beverage and eat as a treat.

Cook Clever : a kitchen secret

Cook Clever is our trade secret shared with you.  You will be able to add the finishing touches to your dishes : sparkle up your salads, add passion to your potatoes, roasts, vegetables and so much more.  Tantalise your out for new lines within this exciting range.

You can buy our products : IN OUR OWN SHOP :

Battlers Green Farm, Common Lane, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 8PH.  Tel: 0192385 7987

Open Tuesday-Saturday : 10-4, Sunday 11-3 



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