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 This is the latest piece about our new shop on Battlers Green Farm, RADLETT, Herts. Click on the link and go to page 15. 



Spice Way will open its first shop in Battlers Green Farm, Radlett

Borehamwood Times: Karen Pomerance and Louise Caplin are opening their first Spice Way shopKaren Pomerance and Louise Caplin are opening their first Spice Way shop

A pair of award-winning entrepreneurs have launched a crowdsourcing appeal to help their bid to open a new shop.

Karen Pomerance and Louise Caplin were on holiday in Israel four years ago when they were inspired by the sights and smells of a spice market to open a new business together.

They launched Spice Way in 2010, offering a range of products, and now plan to open a shop in Battlers Green Farm, in Common Lane, Radlett, in May.

Since launching the company, Karen, of Shenley, and Radlett resident Louise have won five awards in the Great Taste Competition, including a 3* award in 2013 for their Fr’cinni Fruit Infusion drinks range.

But before they open their shop, they have launched an appeal on crowdsourcing site Kickstarter to help raise money for its fixtures and fittings, offering a range of special offers in return for different levels of investment.

They said: “We are on QVC nearly every month, which is great exposure for us, and we are so excited about our first Spice Way shop opening on Battlers Green Farm on May 4 and hope this will be the first of many concept stores in the UK for us. It's a lot of hard work but that doesn't scare us.”

We are so excited to announce that the first Spice Way shop will be opening at the end of April 2014 and you can be part of this exciting development! Simply log onto kickstarter

to see what we are up to and then and join in the fun... Just decide on the amount you would like to spend and join us on our journey to a healthier way of cooking. There are great rewards on offer even the chance for you and 9 friends to a private tea party in the shop!

Thank you for your support as always,


Karen & Louise 


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