Infuse your life with health
Fr’cinni Fruit: Our award winning Fr’cinni Fruit Infusions are made using only the finest natural ingredients to create a taste like no other. The secret lies in the brewing process, softening fruits and transforming them into delicate combinations which are full of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Simply add 2-3 teaspoons of your favourite flavour to a cup, add hot water – they are delicious to drink hot or cold and eat the fruit too. Who needs a teabag?

Why not try our Great Taste Award winners: Posh Pomelo & Melon, Zesty Citrus, Opulent Orange with Chilli and Amazing Apple.

Secrets from the fields
Fr’cinni Health: Infusions blended by a herbalist with over 25 years of experience, to help your body heal naturally. Medicinal plants have been used since the dawn of time to treat a variety of illnesses and medicinal problems. Over the years the old-fashioned remedies our grandmothers used have received scientific recognition, and are now considered a good way to improve our health and wellbeing. Today medicinal plant supplements are becoming a more important part of our lives. All Spice Way’s medicinal plants are natural substances and their most obvious advantage, in comparison with conventional medicines, is having far fewer side effects.